#BetterThanBullfights: We Asked People to Tell Spanish Politicians What Makes Spain Great

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Something exciting is happening across Spain. The movement against cruel bullfighting is growing like it never has before. Stadiums are almost empty, and from small villages to major cities, many places are moving away from this blood sport. One hundred towns already have bans! We’re making huge progress.

The vast majority of Spanish people don’t attend bullfights. But the tiny lobby that wants these inhumane events to continue often argues that they’re good for tourism.

Now, tourists are proving them wrong.

Better Than Bullfights Large collage

We asked people to tell us what they love about Spain – and 5,000 responses flooded in. Below are some excerpts of what they said.

  • “The generosity and the warmth of all people! I recently went to Spain and I really enjoyed my trip because I met plenty of nice and caring people. The great weather and lovely architecture aren’t so bad either.” – Anna, Carpi, Italy

  • “The Spanish people who welcome families everywhere and who are so warm and friendly, always happy to chat and offer advice on places to visit.” – Jacqueline, London

  • “Spectacular feast days, great wine and food, beautiful architecture, glorious weather and the warmth of the Spanish people.” – Pamela, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

  • “This is a beautiful country with a fascinating history. The historical architecture and old towns are stunning, and the music is mysterious and unique.” – Sylvi, Korumburra, Australia

  • “I love to visit Barcelona and Málaga. I love your beaches and the friendly Spanish people.” – Helen, Hook of Holland, the Netherlands

  • “[The] sun, beautiful beaches, kind people and amazing wildlife.” – Renee, London

  • “The beautiful weather, the friendly people, the food, the wine and the stunning scenery and beautiful countryside.” – Lynn, Inverurie, UK

  • “A beautiful country with beautiful countryside and mountains and superb weather. Those are the reasons I would visit Spain – NOT outdated and mediaeval practices such as bullfighting!” – Carol, Skipton, UK

  • “[The] architecture, scenery, danc[ing], music, wine, sun.” – Susan, Frinton-on-Sea, UK

  • “I love the Gazpacho, late nights, fruits, and danc[ing].” – Nandita, Mumbai, India

These love notes came from compassionate people around the globe who applaud Spain for everything from its art and architecture to its warm weather and meandering roads. We printed them in books and delivered them to officials in Galicia, Madrid, Pamplona, San Sebastián, and Valencia.


Please support Spain’s anti-bullfighting movement and help us eliminate these horrific events.

Here are some things you can do: