Big Brother Returns With a PETA-Friendly Star

Posted by on June 6, 2012 | Permalink

Love it, hate it or love to hate it, Big Brother returned to our screens yesterday, and we were overjoyed to see PETA friend Victoria Eisermann as one of the housemates! The ex-Playboy model, vegan and co-founder of K-9 Angels is a shining example of animal advocacy.

Here are just 6 of Victoria’s demonstrations for PETA that show her dedication:

Victoria Eisermann

For animals in labs, Victoria bathed in ‘blood’ to ask Dr Vince Cable to support the EU’s cosmetics-testing ban.


Victoria Eisermann at Silverstone handing out vegan sausages

Victoria at Silverstone handing out vegan sausages asking teams to ‘rev your engine: go vegan’


Baring all for bears, Victoria and Lucy Clarkson urging the MoD to go-faux


Alongside Monica Harris showing Trafalgar Square that 50 baths = 1 steak


Asking passers by to ‘let vegetarianism grow on you’ in a dress made of lettuce


With Monica Harris in the freezing winter bodypainted as foxes to highlight the cruelty of the fur trade

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