Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Housemates Who Speak Out for Animals

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It’s that time of year again – when we’ll begin to watch another group of colourful celebrity personalities enter the Big Brother house, wondering who will hit it off and who might wreak havoc. But there’s a lot more to this year’s line-up than just pretty faces. Plenty of the housemates have taken a stand for animals!

Chloe Jasmine

The beautiful model and singer previously helped us mark World Water Week with a playful public protest to challenge passers-by to think about the impact of their lifestyle on the environment. She promoted the message that it takes the equivalent of 50 bathtubs of water to produce just one steak, stressing the damage that eating meat has on both the environment and animals.

 Chloe Jasmine PETA UK

Jenna Jameson

Everyone has heard of Jameson for one reason or another, but did you know she’s an active animal advocate? She’s worked with PETA US to encourage the public always to spay and neuter animal, to stay away from animal skins by wearing pleather, not leather and to speak out against the cruelty of the meat industry.

Austin Armacost

Model Austin Armacost previously teamed up with PETA US to urge the fashion pack to turn its back on fur. The star of The A-List: New York walked a runway completely nude in order to show that it’s much more comfortable to be in your own skin than someone else’s.

Austin Armacost PETAPhoto: Aaron Cobbett

Gail Porter

Former model, TV presenter and all-round familiar face Gail Porter has shown animals some serious support over the years. She’s spoken up about a number of animal-welfare issues, including the cruelty of fur and the desperate need to end animal testing.

Tila Tequila

This pint-sized reality TV star guarantees she will always be faking it – when it comes to fur, that is. She made her strong feeling about fur very clear indeed when she went on this glorious rant, and boy, do we love her for it.

Janice Dickinson

Model Janice Dickinson teamed up with PETA US a while ago to put her seemingly endless energy to good use for animals. She and her modelling agency showed their support by staging a fur protest and proclaiming that they would “rather go naked than wear fur”.

Janice Dickinson PETA FurBarry King

You don’t need to be a celebrity to speak out for animals. Join PETA’s Action Team, and we’ll keep you updated about upcoming events and demonstrations in your area, urgent action alerts and breaking news, and you’ll receive tips on how you can improve the lives of animals every day.