These Billboards Will Shock Anyone Who Wears Wool

Posted by on April 6, 2016 | Permalink

West Yorkshire is the former wool capital of the world, so we thought it was a fitting place to remind people that sheep are not ours to abuse for wool or meat.


Two billboards have been placed in West Yorkshire, displaying an image from PETA US’ shocking eyewitness investigation of the wool industry. Whilst many people imagine that shearing doesn’t harm sheep, the reality is quite different. Workers in the world’s top wool exporting countries such as Australia and the US are paid by volume, encouraging them to shear animals quickly and carelessly. This leads to cruel mistreatment and violence against sheep, who have been documented being punched, kicked, mutilated and beaten by workers. Many of the animals don’t survive the terrifying experience.

Once their bodies wear out and they are no longer useful for wool production, these gentle animals will be sold to the meat industry. Sheep are packed onto severely crowded lorries – often without adequate food, water or ventilation – and transported to livestock markets to be sold and then taken to abattoirs, where their throats are slit.

It’s easy to help sheep by simply choosing cruelty-free clothing options instead of wool and keeping meat off your plate altogether: