PETA Remembers Bob the Street Cat

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Bob captured the hearts of many with his unique personality and will be missed.

Today, we remember Bob and James’ story – and the time they joined forces with PETA to raise awareness of animal homelessness.

Street Cat Bob

Bob was a stray cat until he met busker James Bowen, who was also living on the streets. James credits the bond that the two developed with helping him navigate the journey from drug addiction to rehabilitation, and he even penned New York Times bestseller A Street Cat Named Bob about their time together.

Their ad campaign with PETA in 2016 highlighted the plight of the thousands of animals like Bob who end up homeless because people fail to have their animal companions spayed or neutered and breeders continue to churn out animals for profit. Back then, James explained why the ad’s message was so important:

“Every stray cat deserves a good home with a human friend for life. I’m happy to team up with PETA to urge people to save the lives of cats like Bob by always spaying and neutering and never buying animals from breeders.”

Honour Bob’s memory by choosing to adopt. You could find your feline friend for life at your local shelter.

Why Adopt?

Bob and James’ message is just as relevant today. When you buy a puppy or a kitten from a breeder or pet shop, you’re buying into cruelty. Many breeders force female dogs and cats to churn out litter after litter for profit, with little regard for the animals’ welfare. Even self-described “responsible breeders” are exacerbating the homeless-animal crisis by breeding more animals when there aren’t enough good homes for those already here, pushing shelters up and down the country beyond their limits.

Every time someone buys a puppy or a kitten, an animal in a shelter loses their chance at finding a home, so thousands of healthy animals are euthanised in this country every year. Not only do rescued dogs and cats make terrific companions, mixed-breed animals are also likely to be healthier and live longer than their “pedigree” counterparts. So remember: always adopt – never shop!

Thinking About Fostering or Adopting?

Of course, adding an animal companion to the family is an important decision that requires a lifetime commitment to caring for and spending time with an animal. Here’s what you need to know if you think you’re ready to look after one: