Body-Painted ‘Snake’ Protests Prada’s Exotic Skins Sales in Milan

Posted by on April 26, 2018 | Permalink

With her nearly naked body covered by little more than painted-on scales, a “snake” slithered onto a plinth outside a Prada store in Milan on Thursday – the day before the company’s annual shareholder meeting – to protest the brand’s sales of bags, wallets, shoes, and other items made of exotic skins.

Every snakeskin shoe and crocodile clutch on Prada’s racks is a product of cruelty. Exposés by PETA and our international affiliates have shown the horrific suffering that occurs in the exotic skins industry, where snakes are nailed to trees and their skin is slowly peeled off, crocodiles’ necks are cut open and rods rammed down their spines while they’re still alive, and terrified ostriches are shoved into boxes where their throats are slit.

A representative of PETA US, which owns stock in Prada, will attend the label’s annual meeting on Friday to demand that the company end its sales of exotic skins.

What You Can Do

Please never buy or wear any bags, wallets, shoes, or other items made with animal skins. Visit our “PETA-Approved Vegan” page for more information on finding fashionable animal-free brands and products: