‘Love Island’ Star Faye Winter Body-Painted as an Orca Makes a Splash for Animals

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Love Island star Faye Winter is making a bold splash for marine animals. Body-painted as an orca, she confined herself to a cramped bathtub in London’s Piccadilly Circus to urge the many Brits reportedly planning their warm-weather getaways to skip marine parks.

For orcas, life in a cramped, barren concrete tank is the equivalent of a human living in a bathtub.

Knowing that the animals trapped in tanks at marine parks are given no opportunity to make a single independent choice is heartbreaking. It’s wrong on every level.

– Faye Winter

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Jet2holidays Is Betraying Orcas

As part of the campaign, Winter will also send a letter to Jet2holidays – an official partner of Love Island – calling on the company to “do the right thing” and stop promoting and selling tickets to marine abusement parks like Tenerife’s Loro Parque.

She calls on the travel provider to join Expedia, Tripadvisor, Virgin Atlantic Holidays, British Airways Holidays, Club Med, and others that have stopped promoting and selling tickets to facilities that keep whales and dolphins captive for entertainment.

Marine Parks Are Watery Prisons

At marine parks, orcas are kept in tanks filled with chemically treated water and housed alone or grouped with other, incompatible animals. These conditions cause intense frustration, resulting in abnormal behaviour, and they often break their teeth by gnawing at the gates of their tanks. They’re coerced into performing tricks for tourists in exchange for food – all in the name of entertainment.

The social, physical, and psychological stress of years upon years in captivity results in illness, injury, and early death.

Bottlenose dolphins also suffer at these parks. Some are kept in water less than two metres deep, leading to skin lesions and sunburn.

Females can be sexually abused via artificial insemination, and their babies are taken away to be used as photo props.

Orcas Need Your Help

As long as tourists continue to visit and financially support marine parks, animals will continue to suffer for it. Please, never visit a marine park, an aquarium, or any other tourist attraction that exploits animals to make money.

Join Faye Winter and send Jet2holidays a message: