Breakthrough! Historic US Decision Will Prevent Countless Animals From Being Poisoned in Chemical Tests

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Fantastic news! Initiatives from PETA and PETA US are helping to bring about a new era for animals in laboratories.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just announced its plan to end toxicity tests on mammals by 2035. And with a little luck and an extra push from the public, this policy change could take effect sooner and include all animals.

News of this breakthrough follows a 2016 announcement by the Dutch government, with input by scientists from PETA and PETA US, to end many types of tests on animals by 2025.

These decisions made by the Netherlands and the US are clear signals that a worldwide end to regulatory toxicity testing on animals – and the dawn of a new era in which toxicity testing will better protect humans and the environment without causing animals to suffer – is on the way.

 It took almost 20 years of work to get to this point.

Scientists from PETA US and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – which has done substantial work on this issue, too – had the honour of witnessing this historical announcement.

Here’s how PETA US contributed to this groundbreaking progress:

  • Its scientists held dozens of meetings with researchers and regulators, including EPA officials, to discuss how animals could be replaced in tests.
  • They submitted detailed scientific comments revealing the problems with tests on animals.
  • They worked to change laws to restrict tests on animals and put agency funding towards the development of non-animal test methods.
  • They provided government and corporate scientists with educational opportunities to explore non-animal methods and co-authored scientific papers on the ways animal-free testing is superior to poisoning animals.
  • PETA US protested animal testing, even sending a giant “bunny” mascot to trail then–US presidential candidate Al Gore, who listened and directed his staff to fund alternatives!

What You Can Do for Animals Used in Experiments

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