Outrage as Bullfighter Starves Greyhounds

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João Moura, a well-known figure on the Portuguese bullfighting scene, has been arrested on suspicion of cruelty to animals after 18 emaciated greyhounds were found on his farm.


After he was arrested, Moura said that some dogs were “thinner [than others] … that’s all”. He denies mistreating the animals.

A spokesperson from a shelter which rescued nine of the greyhounds from Moura said that “thinner” doesn’t even begin to describe the state they were in. One dog had already died, another couldn’t walk, and the rest were in urgent need of veterinary care.


Moura is one of Portugal’s biggest greyhound breeders and an advocate of greyhound racing. Portuguese non-profit Katefriends – which specialises in rescuing greyhounds – says it’s saved many of his dogs in the past and this latest story isn’t an isolated incident.

Greyhound Racing

Breeders are interested in turning a profit, not in caring for animals, and Moura is no exception.

Many greyhounds bred and used for the cruel racing industry sustain painful injuries on the track, and when they’re not racing, they’re usually kept locked in cages and muzzled or being carted from race to race.

Many of them exhibit crate and muzzle sores and suffer from infestations of internal and external parasites.

And when they’re no longer considered useful, these loyal dogs are often discarded like used betting slips. They may be abandoned, mutilated to remove identifying marks, or even killed.

Never ever attend a greyhound racing event or buy animals from breeders. There are countless dogs in shelters right now waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

Moura’s Ties to Bullfighting

Moura is known as a “horseman” – a figure in Portuguese-style bullfighting who enters the arena on horseback and stabs bulls.

It comes as no surprise that someone who participates in such an unabashed display of cruelty to animals would also be neglecting dogs.

Bull lying bleeding after bullfight© Lisa Markulla

What You Can Do

Never attend a bullfight. Supporting this cruel industry means supporting people who abuse animals – inside and outside the arena.

Tourism is one of the industry’s main lifelines for carrying on with these abhorrent bloodbaths. Even though most visitors who witness the cruelty of a bullfight never ever want to see one again, by that point, the money has been paid and the damage is done.