Calves Crammed Into Lorries for Over 5 Days Before Reaching a Grisly End

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Government documents have revealed that more than 5,000 calves were crammed into lorries and sent on a gruelling journey from Scotland to Spain last year.

The frightened, not yet weaned male calves were torn away from their mothers and exported overseas for veal so that humans could drink the milk intended for them.

These gentle animals were forced to endure cramped and sweltering conditions for up to 135 hours. Those who survived the journey were likely kept in barren pens and fattened up before being gruesomely slaughtered.

Because there isn’t a huge market for veal in the UK, farmers make more money by sending calves to Europe, where the demand is higher. As is the norm when it comes to animal exploitation, there’s little consideration for the additional anguish and pain these calves have to endure during transit.

In 2017, the live export of calves almost doubled compared to 2016, and this number may continue to rise unless the UK commits to a complete ban on all live export.

Although Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has said that he’s considering a ban, it may not apply to calves sent overseas from Scotland. And Scotland’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Secretary, Fergus Ewing, has said that country wouldn’t ban any exports of live animals, as it would be harmful to business.

It’s important to remember that all animals raised in the meat, dairy, and egg industries endure a terrifying trip to the abattoir, where many are killed while they’re still conscious.

What Can You Do?

Cows’ milk is the product of an industry that abuses animals by tearing their babies away from them. Without the dairy industry, there would be no veal industry. Going vegan is the simplest way to save animals’ lives and stand up against cruelty.