PETA Offers Katie Price £5,000 to Stop Acquiring Animals

Posted by on February 7, 2024 | Permalink

Following the news that Katie Price has bought yet another animal – in the same month as giving away her young dog, Tank – PETA has offered the TV personality £5,000 in exchange for signing a legally binding agreement promising never to acquire another animal.


Over the years, things have gone horribly wrong with many of the animals under Price’s supervision – at least seven have died, while others have been sold or given away. Despite these issues and much public criticism, the former glamour model continues to obtain more animals, prompting PETA’s proposition. The offer comes amid Price’s reported financial woes and upcoming bankruptcy court hearing.

While Price’s intentions may be good, the ever-growing number of animals who have either died under her supervision or been given away is impossible to ignore, and people are rightly concerned. Whatever she may offer as reasons for their suffering, relinquishment, or demise, the fact is that she is consistently harming these sensitive, sentient individuals, and PETA hopes Price will agree that this is a solution.

Price’s acceptance of the proposal would be applauded by her fans and send a strong message about the importance of acting in the best interests of animals.

Be a Responsible Guardian

The decision to get a dog or any other companion animal should never be made on impulse. Life with an animal companion can be extremely rewarding, but it’s also a huge responsibility that takes time, resources, patience, and commitment. Before you decide to adopt a dog, be certain that you’ll have everything required to provide proper care for life. And make sure your entire household is on board, too.

Dogs deserve to be loved and cherished as members of the family and given the love and attention they need every day.