Victory: Following PETA Appeal, ‘Take Me Out’ Drops Camel Rides

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After hearing from PETA, the producers of ITV dating show Take Me Out have confirmed that no camel rides will be featured as part of the prize for loved-up couples on the “Isle of Fernando’s”.

Over the past few years, the show’s prize experience often included camel rides – but the cruel practice won’t appear in future episodes. The announcement comes ahead of the new series, which starts on Saturday.

The decision will help spare camels suffering in the tourism industry. Featuring camel rides on television suggests to viewers that there’s nothing wrong with using animals for a fleeting thrill – perpetuating their abuse – rather than treating them with the respect they deserve.

Now, when viewers enjoy the show, they won’t be encouraged to participate in this exploitative activity when on holiday.

What’s Wrong With Camel Rides?

Camels are intelligent, sensitive animals who suffer when forced to give rides to tourists.

camels being beaten at Birqash Camel Market in Cairo

PETA Asia eyewitnesses at tourist sites in Egypt, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, saw these regal animals being beaten bloody with sticks by men and children before being sold to the tourism industry. Used for rides in the blistering heat, they were denied access to food, water, and shade. Some were later sold for meat.

Likewise, in Petra, Jordan, a PETA Asia eyewitness saw camels forced to work with fly-infested, open wounds caused when workers pulled hard on their bridles.

What You Can Do for Camels

When on holiday, please don’t ride camels or any other animal. When you book your trip, ask your tour company and hotel whether they promote these rides. If they do, explain why they should stop doing so.

Animals are living, feeling beings who suffer in the tourism industry. They give rides only because they’re forced to under threat of violence. Please urge Egypt’s minister of tourism to end this abuse by banning the use of animals at tourist sites: