Good News! Luxury Travel Provider Drops Cruel Camel Rides

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Kudos to luxury travel company Scott Dunn for becoming the first tour operator to stop promoting camel rides.

After learning from PETA that camels forced to give rides to tourists in Egypt are beaten, restrained, and abused, the travel provider has confirmed that it has stopped selling all tours and packages involving camel rides.

This is a big milestone for the travel industry, which is moving away from profiting off animals’ misery. Scott Dunn – along with other leading providers – also has a policy of not promoting marine parks with whales and dolphins, “swim with dolphins” experiences, or elephant rides.

“In line with our Responsible Travel policy and its pillar of Protecting the Environment and Wildlife, Scott Dunn have suspended the promotion and sale of all camel rides in Egypt. PETA Asia’s investigation highlighted the cruel conditions faced by camels and horses used for tourist rides. We also aim to remove camel rides from our product range to encompass all destinations worldwide.”

– Simon Lynch, global sales and product director, Scott Dunn

We urge other travel companies to follow Scott Dunn’s lead and begin their own journeys into the world of animal protection by cutting support for camel rides and other cruel activities and attractions.

Camels Are Not Toy Cars

Did you know that camels blow on each other’s faces when they greet one another or that mother camels and their newborns hum to each other? These friendly, social, and highly intelligent individuals do not deserve to be exploited for tourist rides.

Watch this footage by PETA Asia eyewitnesses at tourist sites in Egypt, including the Great Pyramid of Giza:

You’ll see camels being beaten bloody with sticks by men and children before being sold to the tourism industry. Used for rides in the blistering heat, they were denied access to food, water, and shade. Some were later sold for meat.

Likewise, in Petra, Jordan, a PETA Asia eyewitness saw that camels were forced to work with fly-infested open wounds caused when workers pulled hard on their bridles.

Do Not Ride Camels

Remember that behind every camel-ride photo posted online is a hideously violent trade that leaves camels beaten and bloodied before ultimately sending them to slaughter.

You have power to vote with your wallet and avoid such activities instead of perpetuating this abuse. Please also tell your friends and family about the ways camels are mistreated and urge them to avoid these cruel rides.

Camels Need You to Take Action!

While you are here, please also drop a message to Egypt’s minister of tourism and antiquities urging him to ban the cruel rides: