Celebrate Carnival With These Delicious Vegan Caribbean Dishes!

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Overflowing with vibrant costumes, calypso music, cultural dancing and Caribbean food, The Notting Hill Carnival in London, which honours Afro-Caribbean cultures and heritage, is the largest annual street festival in the whole of Europe. It’s rooted in the Trinidadian carnival traditions of the early 19th century, which were a festive means of celebrating the abolition of slavery and the slave trade.

Today, millions of animals around the world find themselves in bondage within the constraints of the factory-farming industry. This year, while enjoying the glitz and jubilation of Caribbean traditions, give a nod to animals by celebrating with these delicious vegan dishes from some of our favourite London West Indian eateries.

Mango Room, Camden

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If you’re feeling a bit posh this carnival, give the Mango Room a go. According to its website, “Mango Room is about serving delicious and wholesome food with clean and stylish presentation that puts it above other Caribbean restaurants”. The vegan-friendly dishes include the Baby Spinach, Okra & Coconut Risotto with Fried Plantain, Cherry Tomatoes & Crispy Leeks (be sure to order the risotto without cheese); Ackee & Avocado with Spinach, Plantain, Tomato & Olives and Curried Baby Vegetables with Chick Peas & Coconut Rice.

Negril, Brixton
A mainstay among the hip vegans of Brixton, Negril boasts an “Ital” section on its menu that caters to vegans. The offerings include Pumpkin Curry, Homemade Bean Burger and Ital Stew.

Jamaican Patty Co., Covent Garden

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Unfortunately, this restaurant doesn’t have a vegan patty on its menu yet. (Come on, guys – what are you waiting for?) But it does have a vegan Jamaican vegetable soup that is bursting with flavour. If it gets a bit overcast and rainy during carnival, this soup will be sure to warm you up.

Cottons Rhum Shack, Shoreditch

Generally, this establishment offers traditional rice and peas, fried plantains and a vegetable stew on the menu. However, if you pop in and let your server know that you’re vegan, the chef is usually happy to put together a delicious vegan platter for you. I gave the restaurant a ring today to see what vegan-friendly dishes it’s offering, and in addition to the usual, it also has sweet-potato fritters, yum.

Have we missed any of your favourite London West Indian eateries? If so, let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you!