Charles Darwin’s Home: Could It Become PETA’s Animal Empathy Museum?

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The seaside home where Charles Darwin studied barnacles is for sale, so PETA sent a letter to Miles & Barr Exclusive, the estate agency handling the Ramsgate property, suggesting that it be converted into a museum promoting empathy towards animals.

Why Should Darwin’s Home Become an Animal Empathy Museum?

Darwin’s groundbreaking theory of evolution established humans as just one animal among many – the very foundation of the modern animal rights movement.

PETA’s animal empathy museum would celebrate his legacy by reminding visitors that we’re all part of the great orchestra of life on Earth.

Did You Know Darwin Was an Advocate for Animal Rights?

Darwin once wrote, “I have all my life been a strong advocate for humanity to animals.”

In addition to changing the world with his research into evolution, the scientist also made great progress for animals. He spearheaded legislation to reduce the suffering of animals used in experiments in England and campaigned against steel-jaw traps used by game wardens and fur trappers, which crush animals’ limbs.

“Animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not like to consider our equal.”
– Charles Darwin

How You Can Honour His Legacy

We hope Miles & Barr Exclusive will accept our proposal to convert the seaside home into a museum that promotes empathy for animals, but as individuals, we can all honour Darwin’s legacy by advocating for humanity to animals and opposing speciesism.

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