Charlotte Crosby Trapped Underwater in PETA Anti-SeaWorld Ad

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Reality TV star Charlotte Crosby goes underwater in a new PETA ad campaign to protest cruelty to orcas and other dolphins at SeaWorld.

In an accompanying video, the Just Tattoo of Us presenter and Charlotte Show star points to the cruelty of confining naturally far-ranging marine mammals to concrete tanks that, to them, are the size of a bathtub.

I would feel so claustrophobic being in such a small space. … [O]bviously, it’s massively cruel, and I just want everyone to know that …. And when people are educated on that, it may change their minds to ever stepping in a park again.

– Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte is part of a long list of celebrities – including Amanda Holden, Krysten Ritter, Sharon Osbourne, Noah Cyrus, Paul O’Grady, and the late Sir Roger Moore – who have teamed up with PETA or its international affiliates to speak out against marine-mammal captivity.

Why SeaWorld Sucks

In nature, orcas and bottlenose dolphins can swim up to 140 miles and 60 miles per day, respectively. They can dive to depths well over 300 metres below the ocean’s surface, and they form dynamic relationships within large social networks.

At SeaWorld’s parks, 140 dolphins are squeezed into just seven small tanks and can’t escape attacks from other frustrated, aggressive dolphins. A recent expert report compiled by PETA US revealed that many of them have open wounds and extensive scarring – yet trainers still ride on their backs and stand on their faces during circus-style performances.

Companies Are Saying ‘No, Thanks’ to Animals in Tanks

More and more travel providers are refusing to be associated with SeaWorld. In recent months, Virgin Holidays, British Airways, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and joined the list of companies that have cut ties with the notorious park.

And we’re sure that list will keep growing. Over 90,000 people have joined PETA and our affiliates in calling on travel provider TUI to stop promoting and selling tickets to SeaWorld.

What You Can Do for Marine Mammals

If you haven’t already done so, please contact TUI and urge it to stop selling tickets to the marine abusement park and other facilities that hold orcas and other dolphins captive.

If you’re interested in taking part in demonstrations for this campaign or others like it, please join our Action Team today.