44 Reasons Not to Watch Cheltenham

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When horses are forced to race over this deliberately hazardous course at breakneck pace, they often sustain horrific injuries. They may suffer heart attacks, bleed from their lungs, or develop painful ulcers and other health problems.

Those who survive will likely be forced to keep racing, and if they don’t eventually die on the track, many are abandoned, neglected, or sold for slaughter when they can no longer compete.

Since 2007, 44 horses have died during the festival – we’ve seen one death this year already. Here are the names of all the victims – 44 compelling reasons why you should never attend, watch, or bet on the Cheltenham Festival:

  1. Copper Gone West
  2. Sir Erec
  3. Invitation Only
  4. Ballyward
  5. North Hill Harvey
  6. Dresden
  7. Some Plan
  8. Melrose Boy
  9. Sandsend
  10. Report To Base
  11. Mossback
  12. Current Event
  13. Hadrian’s Approach
  14. Toe The Line
  15. Consul De Thaix
  16. Long Dog
  17. Montdragon
  18. Niceonefrankie
  19. No More Heroes
  20. The Govaness
  21. Pont Alexandre
  22. Rezorbi
  23. Rolling Star
  24. Theatre Queen
  25. Captain Cutter
  26. Raya Star
  27. Akdam
  28. Stack The Deck
  29. Our Conor
  30. Matuhi
  31. Abergavenny
  32. Featherbed Lane
  33. Scotsirish
  34. Garde Champetre
  35. Educated Evans
  36. Lush Life
  37. Izita Star
  38. Fairyland
  39. Citizen Vic
  40. Casey Jones
  41. Clarified
  42. Whispered Promises
  43. Swift Thyne
  44. Little Brick

What You Can Do

Never ever attend the Cheltenham Festival. Don’t buy into claims that owners love their horses – since they’re putting the health and lives of the animals at risk, it’s clear that what they truly love is money and glory. Don’t line their pockets with it by attending the event or betting on a horse.

Sadly, Cheltenham is one of numerous racing events that take the lives of approximately 200 horses across the UK every year.

Just as ITV broadcasts Cheltenham, the channel continues to show the Grand National, despite growing public awareness of the suffering of horses in the racing industry. Please send a message to ITV Chair Sir Peter Bazalgette and ask him to take this cruel event off our screens.