Cheshire Cat Escapes Snare

Posted by on February 20, 2015 | Permalink

When Potter, a cat, went missing from his home in Cheshire for 11 days, his family was worried. When he returned, his family was shocked. Potter came back with a deep life-threatening cut around his body and required major surgery.
Potter the cat   It emerged that he had been trapped in a snare for almost the entire time that he was missing. Snares are legal and often used to trap foxes, rabbits or hares. They consist of a wire noose which tightens when the trapped animal struggles and can cause a slow, painful death from infected wounds. They also trap indiscriminately, and dogs, cats, badgers and deer have reportedly been caught. Snare wound on cat Potter was lucky to escape that snare and receive treatment to save his life. Most animals who are caught endure a much sadder fate.

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