Another Council Bans Wild-Animal Circuses

Posted by on July 25, 2016 | Permalink

Cheshire West and Chester Council has voted unanimously to ban wild-animal circuses, joining a list of more than 200 local authorities in the UK that don’t want cruel animal performances to take place on their land.


Animals aren’t clowns or acrobats, and they don’t belong in circuses. Being carted around from show to show – locked up or chained in primitive beast wagons – and subjected to frightening training methods is no life for a wild animal.

It’s great news that so many councils are making it clear that these archaic and unethical animal acts aren’t welcome in their jurisdiction. The handful of circuses left in the UK that still use wild animals are finding it harder and harder to find audiences prepared to pay to watch unhappy animals perform demeaning tricks.

But this still isn’t enough. We need our Prime Minister to take meaningful action and ban wild-animal circuses completely in England and Wales, as so many other countries have done.

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