Chris Smalling Jumps to Animals’ Defence in New PETA Vegan Ad

Posted by on March 11, 2019 | Permalink

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling stars in a brand-new PETA campaign, in which he encourages fans to help animals by proclaiming, “Be Their Biggest Defender. Try Vegan!”

In an accompanying video, the footballer discusses what led him to embrace vegan eating, saying, “I realised how brutal [animal agriculture] is to animals, how unnecessary it is to us, and how damaging it is to the environment.”

His message is a crucial one – all animals reared for food are exploited and abused, even though they have feelings, thoughts, and personalities, just as humans do. Each person who goes vegan spares nearly 200 animals every year daily suffering and a terrifying death in the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Going vegan also dramatically reduces our carbon footprint.

Chris discusses some of the health benefits he has experienced since ditching meat, eggs, and dairy, saying, “I had a lot of tendinitis in my knee, and then once I went fully vegan, all those symptoms just dropped away.”

Going vegan gives football fans a better chance of enjoying many more matches, as it lowers our risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and numerous other life-shortening health problems.

Chris is part of a growing list of vegan sports stars – including five-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, boxing world champion David Haye, tennis star Venus Williams, and fellow footballer Héctor Bellerín.

What You Can Do

With so many delicious and healthy plant-based options available, going vegan is now easier than ever. To show that you’re serious about ending animal exploitation and taking a stand against speciesism, order our free vegan starter kit, which is packed with tips on eating vegan.