Clean Up Your Act for World Water Week, Say Bathing Vegan Volunteers

Posted by on September 2, 2013 | Permalink

Finding yourself sitting in the bath, almost naked, right in the middle of Cardiff’s busiest shopping street might seem like a surreal nightmare – but for two committed PETA supporters, it was simply another way to help animals!

SmallChloe and Ken

This morning, bubbly vegan activists Chloe-Jasmine and Ken helped us to mark World Water Week in traditional PETA style, with a playful public protest to challenge passersby to think about the impact of their lifestyle. It takes the equivalent of 50 bathtubs of water to produce just one steak, making it clear that eating meat damages the planet almost as much as it damages animals. A plant-based diet uses a third less water – so to go green, go vegan!

SmallChloe close-up

The United Nations has labelled the livestock industry “a key player in increasing water use” and “probably the largest sectoral source of water pollution”. Meat is a major contributor to global freshwater scarcity and other serious environmental problems. Raising animals for food wastes precious resources, partly because of all the extra water needed to grow crops for animal feed.

Chloe-Jasmine and Ken (who was a finalist in our 2013 Sexiest Vegan Awards!) did a great job of letting Cardiff residents know today that the best way to conserve water is to stop eating meat. The pair are also shining examples of how a vegan diet leaves you with a great body – vegans are, on average, slimmer and fitter than their meat-eating counterparts – and a squeaky-clean conscience, thanks to the animals’ lives that they save with every meat-free mouthful.

Clean up your act today – change your diet, and help protect the Earth, your health and countless animals!