‘Club Kids’ Slam Canada’s Seal Slaughter at Canada Day Festivities

Posted by on July 1, 2011 | Permalink

Wearing loud costumes and holding signs that have graphic photos from Canada’s annual baby-seal slaughter and that read, “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks”, PETA “ravers” crashed the festivities at the biggest Canada Day celebration held outside Canada’s borders at Trafalgar Square today. Their point? Clubbing and shooting baby seals to death is nothing to celebrate.

Despite universal condemnation and plummeting demand for seal pelts, Canada cavalierly carries on with the biggest massacre of marine mammals in the world. The Canadian government spends more than $7 million (£4 million) each year defending the seal slaughter, although direct profits barely exceeded £600,000 in 2009. World leaders, including Barack Obama, have spoken out against the clubbing of baby seals, yet Canada is spending another $10 million (£6 million) to challenge the EU’s ban on seal products. Canada's Club Scene Sucks Demo Numerous celebrities, including Steve-O, Pamela Anderson and Kelly Osbourne, have joined PETA in speaking out against the annual slaughter. Earlier this year, Iggy Pop and Ke$ha posed for ads for our popular campaign. As long as the seal slaughter continues, it will be a bloody stain on Canada’s international reputation. Canada's Club Scene Sucks Demo You can help by signing Pamela Anderson’s petition to stop the seal slaughter.