10 Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Day

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Happy World Vegan Day, everyone! This year, hundreds of people curious about a more compassionate diet have signed our World Vegan Month Pledge and are about to embark on their first 30 days of plant-based eating. It’s an exciting moment because with every single meat-free meal – every single mouthful, even – they’ll be helping animals.

It’s not too late to join them – take the pledge here. Then, whether you’re a veteran vegan or an eager newbie, check out some ways to celebrate today:

  1. Join the World Vegan Month event on Facebook to connect with other vegan pledgers and swap tips.Facebook
  2. Snack on a scrumptious vegan sandwich. Here are some ideas.
    Kirsty's Sandwich
  3. Educate yourself about the cruelty inflicted on animals in the food industry. From rape racks to macerated day-old chicks, the truth isn’t pretty – but it’s definitely a good motivator.
  4. Feel good about the fact that you’re not eating arsenic, pink slime or any of these other stomach-turning ingredients found in meat.
    Creepy meat
  5. Make a vegan cake! Then bring it to school or to the office to show off the joys of egg- and dairy-free baking. Find inspiration here.
  6. Spread the vegan love. Challenge your friends to give up eating animals, too.
    PETA Go Vegan T
  7. Head to the shops, and stock up on some cruelty-free goodies. Our Vegan Food Awards can point you in the right direction.
    Food Awards
  8. Watch and share our much-talked-about video from previous year’s World Vegan Day.


  9. Swot up on vegan nutrition, and find out the best plant sources of omega-3s, iron, vitamin B-12 and other essential nutrients.
    Healthy vegetables FTW
  10. Start planning your animal-friendly Bonfire Night Party for 5 November.

How are you spending World Vegan Day? Tell us in the comments!