Painted Skeletons Storm Copenhagen Fashion Week With ‘Fur Is Dead’ Message

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Painted as skeletons and dressed in blood-spattered fur coats, supporters of PETA, Anima International, and Danish animal rights association Dyrenes Alliance stormed the Copenhagen Fashion Week show space on the event’s opening day with the messages “Fur Is Dead” and “I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Animal Skin”. Highlighting that fur is the product of death and cruelty to animals, the action called for a permanent ban on fur on the catwalk.

No conscious, fashion-forward designer wants to work with fur anymore. PETA encourages Copenhagen Fashion Week to implement a fur ban that’s in line with the times and to celebrate killer looks that no one was killed for.

Fur-Free Is Fashion Forward

Designers such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Prada are fur-free, and the fashion weeks of Amsterdam, Helsinki, Melbourne, and Oslo all refuse to show fur on the catwalk.

London Fashion Week has also received worldwide praise for its fur-free runways, and, most recently, Stockholm Fashion Week 2020 was free from both fur and exotic skins.

Why Copenhagen Fashion Week Should Ditch Fur

Minks are forced to spend their lives in cramped cages before they’re killed for their fur.

Investigations into 26 mink farms in Denmark have revealed sick, injured, and dead animals in every instance. Some minks suffered from massive, untreated bite wounds. Others were missing legs or ears from fights, which inevitably break out when these naturally solitary animals are forced to live together in crowded conditions.

Cases of COVID-19 have been found on mink farms in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands, prompting the latter to bring forward its planned ban on fur farming.

The Fur Industry Is Killing Our Planet

Fur is treated with chemicals such as formaldehyde and chromium to prevent it from rotting, making it one of the least sustainable materials in fashion. An independent study found that, compared with other materials, fur has a higher environmental impact on 17 out of 18 factors tested, including its contribution to climate change and toxic emissions.

Help Get Fur Farming Banned in Denmark

Denmark – the world’s largest mink-fur producer – should follow the example of progressive countries by refusing to let fur on the catwalk and banning fur farms altogether.

Use your voice to help shut down the Danish fur industry by sending the Danish prime minister a message:

Urge Denmark to Ban Fur Farming

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