Cosmetic Changes at Nocton Mega-Dairy

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Nocton Dairies Ltd, the company in the centre of a row over bringing a US-style intensive dairy factory farm to the UK, resubmitted their plans last week to build their giant cow “prison” in Lincolnshire, this time claiming that they would reduce the number of cows from 8,100 to 3,770 – a figure that would no doubt quickly climb back up to the originally proposed number via further applications. What do we think? Whether one or 100,000 cows are held there – suffering is suffering.

The cows would be milked three times a day (two is the norm in the UK), forcing them to produce phenomenally high yields of milk and pushing their bodies to exhaustion from repeated impregnation. Their dearly loved calves would be torn away within 48 hours so that the milk intended for them could be sold.

This disturbing push towards the increasing industrialisation of the dairy industry must not be allowed. Anybody who doesn’t wish to be overtly cruel to animals should make the decision to steer clear of milk and all dairy products. Click here to order your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit! You can also help by signing up for our Action Team.