Victory for Cows! Nocton Dairies Withdraws Cow ‘Prison’ Application in Lincolnshire

Posted by on February 16, 2011 | Permalink

© iStockPhoto / WTolenaars

Champagne corks are popping at PETA headquarters this evening, as PETA staff celebrate the news that the company they fought to defeat, Nocton Dairies, has withdrawn their plans to build an intensive dairy unit in Lincolnshire. The facility would have likely meant severe suffering for thousands of cows, something PETA pointed out as it campaigned for almost a year to ensure the facility would never see the light of day. More than 6,000 of the 14,000 registered objections received by the district council came from you, our wonderful PETA supporters!

Cows on intensive dairy farms are forced to produce unnaturally high yields of milk, and their bodies are pushed over the limit by repeated impregnation. The calves they love are torn away from them within a few hours or days of their birth so that the milk nature meant for them can be sold in supermarkets. Whilst commending those who voiced their opposition to the construction of this house of horrors, we ask the public to spare a thought for the cows currently suffering for the dairy industry and make the compassionate and healthy decision to dump dairy.