Croatia’s Fur-Farm Ban Is Now in Effect!

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After a 10-year-long phase-out period, Croatia’s fur-farm ban is now in effect as of 1 January 2017.

Fur farms to be banned in the Netherlands

Animal advocates around the globe celebrated when the country decided to ban fur farms by 2017 – sparing chinchillas and other animals raised for their fur a lifetime of suffering and a painful death.

But the ban was continually threatened by the fur industry, which didn’t want the law to come into effect.

Ultimately, though, Croatia’s Ministry of Agriculture listened to the concerned public and animal rights groups, and we’re happy to announce that the country’s complete ban on fur farming came into force at the start of the new year!

A big thank you is due to Sharon Osbourne, who encourages everyone to refuse to wear fur coats and trim. When the ban was under fire, she urged the Croatian Minister of Agriculture to uphold a complete ban and sent him a PETA video revealing how chinchillas suffer and die on fur farms.

Together, We Can Create a Fur-Free World

Fur farming has long been illegal in the UK, but shamefully, it still goes on in other European countries, including Ireland. Ask the Irish government to follow Croatia’s lead by bringing in a ban:

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Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals