This Crufts-Winner Killed Puppies by Putting Them in the Freezer

Posted by on March 7, 2017 | Permalink

Think Crufts is all about the love of dogs? This “award-winning” breeder proves otherwise.

Get Hampshire reports that Margaret Peacock – who has previously collected awards at Crufts – admitted to putting eight puppies in a freezer to kill them and beating a ninth to death with a tin opener.

She reportedly also confessed that the puppies’ parents were brother and sister and that she killed all nine because she suspected they might have “genetic mutations” – in other words, they didn’t meet the pedigree standards for which she had bred them. Shockingly, this breeder wasn’t banned from keeping animals after admitting these terrible acts of cruelty and is free to continue breeding dogs.

This story highlights what many of us already knew: that the twisted world of dog breeding is both dangerous and deadly and that it’s always the animals who pay the price for breeders’ sick pursuit of the “perfect” dog.

Striving for pedigree perfection not only causes incidents of cruelty like this one but also encourages people at dog shows such as Crufts to celebrate animals who suffer terribly as a result of inbreeding. Because of their narrow gene pool and unnatural physiques, most pedigrees are at a high risk of suffering from an array of painful diseases and live significantly shorter lives than mixed-breeds.

Whilst callous breeders force female dogs to give birth to litter after litter, thousands of homeless pups are languishing in shelters, waiting for a loving home. If you’ve decided to welcome a canine companion into your home, please choose to adopt.