Cuddly Sheep and Cows Bring Live-Export Message to Australia

Posted by on November 27, 2013 | Permalink

They say an image is worth a thousand words, which is why our friends over at PETA Australia came up with a striking Banksy-inspired visual to drive home the fate of animals in the live-export industry:

AUS Boat AUS Close-Up

The photos are kind of cute – that is, until you remember that they represent the thousands of real sheep and cows who are crammed onto ships and endure a terrifying journey that can last for days or even weeks before eventually arriving at their destination: a slaughterhouse in the Middle East where they will be killed, often cruelly and without prior stunning.

Sheep are gentle, sensitive animals and can pick up on different expressions on human faces, as well as recognising the faces of up to 50 other sheep. Although they tend to live in herds, each sheep is unique and has an individual personality, just as we do.

Many sheep raised by the Australian wool industry end their lives in the live-export industry. But this horrific practice has also recently resumed in England and Ireland. Please take action for animals who are forced to undertake this grim “voyage of despair”, which ends in certain death: