David Haye KO’s Animal Cruelty

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David Haye doesn’t pull his punches when it comes to talking about the meat industry. And now, the heavyweight boxing champion is sending a message loud and clear with his new vegan ad for PETA.

DAvid Haye Vegan Ad

In an exclusive video interview at the ad photo shoot, David explained why he made the decision to eat vegan:

A friend of mine asked me to watch a documentary called Earthlings. After watching that, it kind of hit home – the unnecessary amounts of killing of animals that happens in the world. And then he continued to keep sending me more and more videos, and I think by the end of the day that was it – I kind of made my decision to cut out animal products from my diet.

David also spoke passionately about how he has felt since ditching meat:

Since cutting out meat, I felt healthier – I felt cleaner, lighter, my skin, nails, hair. I stopped getting dandruff. There were loads of real positive effects that I got from that. It was kind of strange, but I sort of woke up brighter in the mornings, fresher …. I remember after a meal I would just want to crash out and go to sleep, where I now eat and feel more awake and perked up. Energy levels felt better, a lot better.

We’ll be cheering this vegan heavyweight champion as #HayeDay returns to the ring on 21 May 2016. If David’s compassion or fitness has inspired you, why not choose vegan yourself?

Photo: Trevor Leighton; Video: Robbie Newby