Donated Fur Coats to Help Freezing Refugees in Syria and Calais

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With cold winter weather on its way, we dispatched a huge pile of fur coats to refugees in Syria and Calais, France, to help those in desperate need keep warm. Along with the coats, leather boots and shoes were also sent.

The fur and leather products came from compassionate people who have chosen to drop the cruelly produced items from their wardrobes. While we can’t bring back the minks, rabbits, cows, dogs and other animals who were slaughtered and had their skin torn from their bodies, we can help refugees who are struggling to survive.

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Refugees facing harsh winter conditions with no shelter often suffer from hypothermia or pneumonia, and faced with this desperate situation, they are perhaps the only people with any excuse to wear fur this winter.

Animals on fur farms are confined to cramped, filthy cages before they’re drowned, beaten, strangled, electrocuted and even skinned alive in order to produce fur coats, collars and cuffs. And before being turned into leather for shoes and boots, many animals endure all the horrors of factory farming – including intensive confinement inside filthy cages or pens, castration without pain relief, chronic infections and disease caused by extreme crowding, and a terrifying trip to the abattoir.

If you have any fur coats or quality used leather boots that you would no longer be caught dead in, donate them to us, and we’ll make sure that the animals who suffered for them did not die in vain.