Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Posted by on January 21, 2013 | Permalink

Today is “Blue Monday”, apparently the most depressing day of the year. But don’t despair: if the bad weather and post-Christmas gloom have got you down, there’s an easy way to cheer yourself up – go vegan!

A study published in Nutrition Journal reveals that vegans score significantly better on mood scales and have lower instances of depression, anxiety and other negative moods than their meat-eating counterparts do. They may also be more optimistic about the future, according to researchers at Harvard.

Why? The researchers suggest that it’s because getting omega essential fatty acids from nuts and seeds instead of from meat gives our mood a lift. “Not consuming the long-chain omega-6 fats, which are abundant in animal flesh and compete with omega-3s in the body, may be a factor”, says researcher Bonnie Beezhold, PhD, of Arizona State University.

We can actually think of a few more reasons why vegans might be happier – such as the fact that their food is free from violence and cruelty! Choosing a vegan diet also means saving many animals each year. It’s far healthier, too – making us less likely to suffer from illnesses such as coronary heart disease, type-2 diabetes and cancer.

So what are you waiting for? Order your free vegan/vegetarian starter kit today to get all the tips that you need for a happier, healthier, kinder life.