Progress! Spain’s Largest Newspaper Is Removing Its Bullfighting Section

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El País, Spain’s largest newspaper, is removing the bullfighting section from its printed pages. Antonio Lorca, the journalist who’s been covering this barbaric spectacle for many years, has called bullfighting “not politically correct and not progressive”.

The news comes just weeks after 11 political parties in Spain pushed for a ban on broadcasting bullfights during the day, when children are likely to see it, branding it “harmful content”.

This move is another sign of changing times and attitudes. Today, 93% of Spanish 16- to 24-year-olds are against bullfighting, and the vile industry is in decline across the country. It’s clear that the torment of bulls is a bloody stain on the country’s rich and diverse culture. More and more towns and provinces are saying no to this barbaric practice.

Ritualistic Killing of Bulls

Every year, thousands of bulls endure a prolonged, violent death in bullrings across Spain: matadors on horseback or on foot drive lances and barbed sticks into each bull’s back before stabbing the tormented animal with a sword or dagger.

If the public praises the matador’s performance enough, he might cut off the dying bull’s ears and/or tail as a trophy – sometimes while the bull is still conscious. If this torture were inflicted on cats or dogs, these people would be in prison, and yet, bulls suffer just the same as any other animal would.

Bull lying bleeding after bullfight© Lisa Markulla

Never Attend a Bullfight

To shut the industry down completely, people everywhere must refuse to support this sordid spectacle. While the vast majority of Spanish people are against slaughtering bulls for entertainment, tourism is still fuelling this bloodbath.

Most visitors who witness the cruelty of a bullfight never want to see one again. However, by that point, the money has been paid and the damage done. Please never, ever, attend a bullfight or a bull run.

Speak Out to Help Bulls

Bullfighting doesn’t belong in newspapers, on screens, or in bullrings. It should be banned entirely for the sake of human audiences – and for the bulls. Please urge the Spanish prime minister to ban bullfighting now: