Great News: Spanish City Gijón Ends Bullfighting!

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Great news! Bullfighting is set to end in the Spanish city of Gijón. The mayor of Gijón – Ana González – announced the decision to end the Begoña bullfighting fair, stating that with the festival organisers or lease the city’s bullring for the event.

Opposition to the cruelty involved in this barbaric tradition has been mounting, but the decision to ban it was accelerated after public outcry at the inappropriate names of some of the bulls fated to be stabbed to death – including “Feminista” and “Nigeriano”.

González said that the city believed in integration and in equality between men and women. She said that various lines had been crossed and that bullfighting was being used to display an ideology contrary to human rights.

Bullfighting Is Cruelty, Not Culture

Every year, approximately 40,000 bulls are violently killed in bullrings across Europe and 250,000 animals are stabbed in bullfights worldwide.

Bullfighters, also called matadors, taunt, exhaust, and stab each bull with a lance and several harpoon-like banderillas until he becomes weakened from blood loss. Then, the matador stabs the wounded animal with a sword, and if he doesn’t die straight away, other weapons are used to cut his spinal cord.

Many bulls are paralysed but still conscious as their ears or tail are cut off to be given to the matador as trophies.

Help End This Barbaric Industry

To shut this industry down completely, people everywhere must refuse to support this blood sport in any way.

Take action against this barbaric industry by urging the Spanish prime minister to end the bloody torture of bulls across the entire country, not just in Gijón:

Please also take a moment to take action against the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Spain. At least 48 bulls are tormented and stabbed to death during the week of bloodshed, and it must end. Tell the mayor of Pamplona to follow Gijón’s lead and ban bullfighting in the city.