Video: Captive Elephant Attacks Tourist at Amer Fort, India

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PETA has released terrifying footage showing the moment a captive elephant named Gouri attacked a Russian tourist in the main courtyard of Amer Fort in Jaipur, India. The footage, captured on CCTV on 13 February, shows the elephant grabbing the woman in her trunk, swinging her vigorously, and then slamming her to the ground, breaking her leg. The same elephant, who was forced to give rides at the popular tourist site, severely injured a male shopkeeper in October 2022. Watch the video now:

Public Safety Concerns

Even though Gouri is a known danger to the public, she was still being used to carry tourists at Amer Fort. Out of concern for public safety and the animal’s welfare, PETA India is appealing to the regional government urgently to move Gouri to a sanctuary, where she could begin to recover from the mental trauma of a lifetime of enslavement.

The group is also requesting that all elephants used for rides be replaced immediately with eco-friendly motorised vehicles.

Tuberculosis Risks

Elephants commonly carry tuberculosis, which can infect humans. PETA India has previously highlighted that elephants who have tested positive for tuberculosis have still been used for rides.

Chained, Bullied, and Threatened

Elephants who have spent years being chained, bullied, and threatened with weapons are known to run amok, lashing out in fear and frustration.

Sam Haddock (Courtesy of PETA)

When elephants attack humans, the animals are typically beaten and subjected to other punishments, which only increases their frustration and distress.

Direct Contact With Elephants Is ‘Unacceptable’

Activities involving elephants, such as bathing, feeding, selfies, painting, rides, or performances, are often the result of violence and deprivation.

ABTA – the UK’s largest travel association – has labelled direct contact between tourists and elephants “unacceptable”. The UK government passed the Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Act, 2023, which seeks to ban tour operators in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland from advertising cruel animal attractions and experiences like elephant rides.

Pressure is now on the secretary of state for environment, food, and rural affairs to move forward with a consultation to identify which activities the act will cover.

Never Ride Elephants

Stay away from activities involving direct contact with elephants anywhere in the world, and tell your friends about the cruelty behind archaic elephant rides.

When you book a trip abroad, ask your tour operator and hotel whether they promote such activities. If they do, explain why they should stop.

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Avoid Sham Sanctuaries

Elephant camps are notorious for duping the public into believing that their activities benefit elephants – often by claiming to rescue the animals or offer them sanctuary.

Elephants often face abusive training methods and misery at these facilities just like those they’d endure at more explicitly entertainment-focused businesses. Check out our guide before you visit any facility that claims to be a sanctuary:


Elephants Need You to Take Action

Help stop elephants from being forced to give rides in India. Send a message to the Indian minister of tourism and request that they put an end to these cruel activities: