Elephants Never Forget

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Elephants never forget the beatings and loneliness that they suffer in the circus. Now you can test your memory by playing our latest game below.

This game requires flash.

Elephants experience joy, happiness and sorrow, just as humans do. They even mourn the loss of other elephants. Elephants used in the circus are beaten, shocked and whipped—over and over again—in order to make them perform tricks that are often painful and confusing to them.

Celebrities are speaking out for these majestic creatures, who are enslaved in circuses and other performing acts. Rock star and PETA friend Pink shared her thoughts: “Elephants need many acres to roam and suffer a great deal when chained or kept in cramped spaces for extended periods”.

Join Pink, actor Olivia Munn and other compassionate stars – and members of the public – by pledging never to attend a circus that uses animals for entertainment.

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