Elisabetta Canalis Demonstrates the Dangers of Leaving Dogs in Parked Cars

Posted by on January 7, 2015 | Permalink

Would you lock your dog in the car while you ran a quick errand?

Every year dogs suffer and die from preventable heat-related illness during the summer months.

In the wake of reports that most of England will be experiencing high temperatures later on this week, PETA UK is sharing its recent advert starring Elisabetta Canalis.

In the revealing video, the Italian supermodel endures the panic and pain that a dog feels when left inside a car on a hot summer day. Sweating and gasping for air, she struggles to unlock the doors and open the windows until she finally collapses. “Dogs can suffer from heatstroke and die in a matter of minutes when left in a car on a warm day,” the video explains. “In the summer, leave your dog at home.”

Every year, PETA receives reports of dogs who die as a result of being left alone in a car on a warm day – even when the windows are left slightly open or the car is parked in the shade. On a relatively mild summer day, the temperature inside a shaded car can climb to more than 35 degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes.

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