Elisabetta Canalis Urges Milan Fashion Week to Ban Fur

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Ahead of Milan Fashion Week, famed Italian model and actor Elisabetta Canalis has joined PETA in urging the event to ban fur from the catwalk.


In a letter, Elisabetta, who previously starred in PETA’s iconic “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaign, highlights that the market for fur is in serious decline – including in Italy, where polls show that 86 per cent of people are opposed to wearing it and where leading designers such Gucci and Versace have pledged to stop using it in their collections.

The model, a front row regular, stressed that now is the perfect time for the event to embrace the future of fashion and implement a policy against promoting fur on the catwalk, as many other high-profile fashion events are doing.

Consumers have long rejected fur, and the fashion community is following suit. … As someone who cares about both animals and the future of fashion, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to set a compassionate and progressive example for everyone else to follow by banning fur from Milan Fashion Week.

You can read Elisabetta’s full letter here.

Animals Suffer for Fur

More than 100 million animals suffer each year for the global fur trade, most of them reared in terrible conditions on fur farms. Raccoon dogs, minks, and foxes are subjected to physical and psychological torment in small, barren cages for their entire lives. This often drives inquisitive, intelligent wild animals insane during their short existence. Fighting, self-mutilation, and cannibalism are common.

Eventually, all animals on fur farms are killed – typically in gruesome ways, including anal or vaginal electrocution and gassing – before their is skin torn off.

Coyotes and other animals caught in the wild for their fur fare little better – they languish in agony in cruel traps for hours or even days before being killed.

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What You Can Do

As the list of designers ditching fur continues to grow, it’s time for all fashion events to get with the times, stop supporting the cruel fur trade, and ensure that pelts are never again paraded on their catwalks.

Please join us in urging the British Fashion Council to ban fur at all its events, including London Fashion Week, and help animals used for fur by signing five other crucial letters and petitions today.