European Citizens, Let’s #EndTheCageAge for Animals on Farms

Posted by on October 8, 2018 | Permalink

Across Europe, hundreds of millions of animals spend their entire lives imprisoned in tiny, barren cages or pens and prevented from engaging in their natural behaviour. These extreme conditions are routinely inflicted on many different species: mother pigs are forced to nurse their piglets in crates, rabbits and quails are caged for life, and ducks and geese are confined for force-feeding to produce foie gras.

PETA is working with Compassion in World Farming and dozens of other animal rights, animal-welfare, and environmental organisations around Europe to collect a minimum of 1 million signatures in support of the #EndTheCageAge European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which demands that the European Commission ban the use of cages in animal agriculture. The ECI will run for one year and, if successful, would bring about a seismic shift in Europe’s farming system.

The flagship launch event held last week at the European Parliament in Brussels helped reveal the reality of life in a cage and will be shown to MEPs and other influential decision-makers.

Together – united – European citizens have the opportunity to rid Europe of these cages. Please take action by signing the ECI demanding that the European Commission ban the use of cages in animal farming. If 1 million of us raise our voices, we can finally #EndTheCageAge.

Note: Because of the upcoming Brexit deadline, signatures from UK citizens will not be valid at the September 2019 ECI end date. UK-based supporters will find other ways to help animals on farms at