Everton Goalkeeper Tim Howard Defends Animals Wanted for Fur

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Everton and Team USA goalkeeper Tim Howard is no stranger to serious pain, having played with a dislocated finger and two broken bones in his back. However, he knows that is nothing compared to the pain that animals go through in the fur industry. The goalkeeper has teamed up with PETA for our “Ink, Not Mink” campaign, which focuses on the cruelty of the fur trade. The striking ad was shot by celebrity photographer Trevor Leighton.

Tim Howard_UK_InkNotMink_A4_FIN300

Minks spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy wire cages, where they are denied the opportunity to engage in natural behaviour, such as burrowing and swimming, and experience horrific deaths. Tim wants everyone to know that for every coat, collar or cuff made of fur, animals suffer immensely – and that stylish, fur-free designs are widely available from high-profile designers.

Tim explained why he wanted to take part in the campaign:

“Protecting animals is very important to me, and I think speaking out against fur is an amazing cause. When I see someone wearing fur, I just want to sit them down in front of one of PETA’s videos and show them just how badly animals suffer for this supposed fabric that no one needs.”

If you haven’t already, please join Tim and become a champion for fur-bearing animals by pledging never to wear their skins.

Pledge to be Fur-Free