Great News! PETA US Rescues 22 Big Cats From ‘Tiger King’ Villain Tim Stark and Wildlife in Need

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BREAKING: It’s game over for former tiger terroriser Tim Stark! Earlier today, PETA US, The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, and the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas removed 22 tigers, lions, and tiger/lion hybrids from Indiana’s Wildlife in Need (WIN), which was operated by Tiger King villain Stark and his ex-wife, Melissa Lane. The rescue follows an order in the successful PETA US Endangered Species Act lawsuit against the now-defunct roadside zoo.

The removal, overseen by US marshals, went smoothly despite threats made by Stark in videos posted to Facebook. In addition to suggesting that his supporters should obstruct and throw rocks at animal transport vehicles, he identified one PETA US attorney by name, stated that he was “taught to shoot and kill” PETA US folks, and brandished a rifle. In response, the court ordered Stark to be at least 2 miles from the property on the day of the transfer.

Now, we’re celebrating the new life that awaits these 22 survivors, who will at last be able to roam natural terrain and swim when they choose to and will never be terrorised by Stark again.

In addition to the 22 rescued big cats, state authorities and representatives from the Indianapolis Zoo removed even more animals from WIN this week. Stark was since accused of hiding some of these animals from officials, which led to an Indiana judge issuing a warrant for his arrest. He is now wanted by local law enforcement and reportedly on the run.

Because Stark transferred four young lions to Jeff Lowe – also of Tiger King and operator of the now-defunct roadside zoo Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park – the latter was also a defendant in the PETA US lawsuit. Lions remain at the former Oklahoma tourist trap, and PETA US is working with an accredited sanctuary to ensure that they get to enjoy their best lives, too.

What You Can Do to Help Lion and Tiger Cubs

This victory serves as a warning to the entire big-cat cub-petting industry: its days are numbered. Help us consign it to the history books. Never support businesses that offer cruel cub-petting experiences, wild-animal photo ops, or any other hands-on encounters with big-cat cubs. And urge everyone you know to do the same.