‘Love Island’ Star Faye Winter Supports PETA’s Faux Bear Fur in New Campaign

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With her body covered only by a teddy bear, Love Island star Faye Winter makes an eye-catching appeal in a new PETA campaign that urges the public, “Show a Bear How Much You Care”.

Shot by fashion photographer Ruth Rose, the campaign asks the public to urge the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to replace the bearskins used for the Queen’s Guard’s caps with animal-friendly faux fur.

Faye winter final high res print ad

“It takes the skin of at least one bear to make a single cap for the Queen’s Guard. It makes me so angry that defenceless black bears are still being slaughtered. … [And] nursing mothers also get killed, leaving behind their young cubs. PETA has already developed a faux-fur cap … so there’s no excuse for it not to be used.”

– Faye Winter

Faye Winter for PETA


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The campaign comes on the heels of a reception hosted by PETA and sponsored by John Nicolson MP, at which MPs had the opportunity to see and feel the world’s first faux bear fur, created by luxury faux furrier ECOPEL. Winter attended as a special guest, along with TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher.

Unnecessary Cruelty

In Canada, bears hunted for their fur are often shot but not killed immediately. Some bears are shot several times before they die, and some escape only to die slowly from blood loss or starvation.

When mother bears are killed, their orphaned cubs are left to starve or be killed by predators.

The Faux Fur Is a Perfect Replacement

The MoD has stated that it has five criteria for a faux bearskin. All of these requirements have been fulfilled.

PETA commissioned a renowned fabric technologist to assess the faux fur against real bearskins and found that it performs very similarly to the real fur in a compression test and outperforms bear fur in drying rate tests. Its appearance is virtually indistinguishable from real bear fur.

73% of the Public Agrees With PETA

A new poll from PETA carried out by Populus – official pollster for The Times – reveals that 73% of the UK population would like to see the prime minister take action to replace the bearskin with faux fur.

Wasting Taxpayer Money

The same poll  also revealed that 75% of people in the UK consider the bearskin caps a bad use of government funds.

There is no denying that taxpayer money could be put to better use, especially since ECOPEL has offered the MoD an unlimited amount of the faux bear fur free of charge until 2030 – a move that could save over £1 million of taxpayer money.

Why is the MoD wasting money when many Brits are struggling to cope with soaring energy bills and the rising cost of living?

Join Faye Winter in Speaking Out for Bears

Our government petition needs 100,000 signatures by 6 July to trigger a debate in Parliament. If we reach our goal, we can challenge the government on its outrageous use of bearskin!

Bears are counting on us – please add your name now and urge all your friends to do so, too. Note, you must confirm your signature by returning to your inbox once you have signed!

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