Activist Video Shows Burning Bull at ‘Fire Bull’ Festival (Toro Júbilo)

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Disturbing footage recorded by animal protection groups AnimaNaturalis and CAS International over the weekend reveals the reality of Spain’s “fire bull” festival (Toro Júbilo). The video captured a frightened bull struggling to escape the blazing balls of fire attached to his horns.

The ‘Fire Bull’ Festival (Toro Júbilo) Explained

Every November in the Spanish province of Soria, sadistic participants tie a bull to a post, stick balls of pitch (a sticky, black substance made from coal tar or petroleum) onto his horns, and set them on fire.

Noisy crowds taunt, cheer, and dart around a burning bull as he runs, terrified, through the streets. These bulls often smash into walls in panicked attempts to escape the fire, which can remain alight for hours, scorching their horns, eyes, and body and causing them tremendous stress and pain.

In 2022, the bull died after the event – his body was then dragged away so the festival could continue.

You Can Help End This Torture

Attaching balls of burning pitch to a live animal is barbaric – no tradition is worth this cruelty.

PETA is calling on Spanish authorities to put an end to this violent bull-burning festival and replace it with a new celebration that leaves animals in peace instead of flames. You can join our campaign by sending a message to officials in Spain now: