For the First Time, a French Foie Gras Supplier Is Taken to Court for Cruelty

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This week in France, Ernest Soulard, a major foie gras producer which supplies some of Paris’ most famous restaurants, appeared in court after being accused of “serious abuse and cruelty” by French animal rights group L214, following video footage exposing horrific treatment of ducks and geese on farms.

This is the video released by L214 in November 2013:

The footage shows how ducks are confined to individual faeces-encrusted cages so tiny that they can’t even turn around or spread their wings. Sick birds are seen panting in distress and collapsing on the filthy wire.

This landmark trial, the first of its kind in France, is yet more evidence that the tide is turning against this horrific product in the country. A recent survey found that almost one in two French people would like to see gavage or force-feeding banned.

Force-feeding and keeping animals in individual cages go against the EU’s guidance on animal welfare, making it doubly outrageous that these unethical practices are still occurring in Europe.

Please help end the cruelty by signing our petition asking EU leaders to crack down on foie gras production!

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