Five Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by on March 17, 2021 | Permalink

What better day to go green than St. Patrick’s Day? In honour of old Paddy, we’ve come up with five simple ways to go green (and help animals!):

  1. One of the leading causes of climate change is meat production. Inform everyone you know that “meat’s not green”!
  2. The best thing that you can do to help the environment is to go vegan. Go green (and help animals!) by pledging to go veg today.
  3. Share the “The Damaging Environmental Impact of Wool” post on Facebook and expose the truth behind wool production.
  4. Take it to the streets – pass out “Meat’s Not Green” leaflets and encourage others to go green too! You can order them here.
  5. Showcase your cooking talents to your friends and family with a delicious St. Patrick’s Day treat. We suggest a vegan Whisky Tablet.

Don’t forget to wear green, too – you don’t want to get pinched!