Formal Complaint Filed With Scottish SPCA After PETA Asia Investigation Exposes Rampant Cruelty to Sheep

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PETA Asia has submitted an in-depth formal complaint and evidence to the Scottish SPCA after an eyewitness documented wool workers in Scotland striking terrified sheep in the face with electric clippers, slamming their heads into the floor, beating and kicking them, and throwing them off shearing trailers.

The video footage highlights just some of the cruelty observed on 24 sheep farms toured by shearers from a shearing contractor earlier this year. Shearers are paid by volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast, violent handling that leaves gaping wounds on the animals’ bodies, which shearers stitched up using a needle and thread but no pain relief. One of the sheep was suffering from mastitis and couldn’t stand up, and a worker explained that she was going to be shot.

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PETA Asia has asked the Scottish SPCA to launch an investigation and, if appropriate, file criminal charges against the workers for apparent violations of laws prohibiting cruelty to animals.

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In August, PETA Asia released a video exposé of cruelty within the English wool industry, showing similar abuse.

PETA and our affiliates have already exposed rampant cruelty in shearing sheds across Australia, South America and the United States. Now, PETA Asia’s investigations of English and Scottish farms show that the abuse takes place here in the UK, too. The production of all wool – no matter where it originated or what “ethical” or “responsibly sourced” claims are made on its label – spells extreme suffering and a terrifying death for millions of gentle sheep and lambs.

What You Can Do

The best thing that you can do for sheep is to refuse to buy wool. It’s easy to check the labels before you buy clothing and other items. If they mention “wool”, leave the item on the shelf and look for an animal-free alternative. To find brands that sell fashion-forward wool alternatives, take a look at our list of companies using the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo.

Which brands do you want to see go wool-free? Let PETA know.

Please also share this shocking footage to help more people learn the truth about the way wool is produced.