Fortnum & Mason: Don’t Be a…

Posted by on October 2, 2013 | Permalink

Katharina Fritsch’s 4.72-metre-high Hahn/Cock – aka “the big blue cock” – is probably the most eye-catching new landmark in London.

Meanwhile, Fortnum & Mason is still making a huge cock-up by ignoring the widespread call to stop selling foie gras, the diseased livers of abused birds. So we took some of our flock down to Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth to unfurl a cheeky banner: PETA Fortnum Mason banner at Hahn/Cock

Fortnum & Mason’s stubborn insistence on selling a product which is illegal to produce in Britain is tantamount to giving the British public the bird. To create foie gras, pipes are shoved down geese’s throats and huge amounts of grain and fat are pumped into their stomachs several times a day. The birds’ livers become diseased as they swell to up to 10 times their normal size. The pipes often puncture their throats and can cause them to bleed to death. Those who survive are hung upside down and slaughtered.

Join us and send a message to Fortnum & Mason’s managing director, Ewan Venters, asking that Fortnums end its shameful support for the foie gras industry.

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