Fox Hunting: Theresa May Has Pledged to Hold a Vote on Repealing the Ban

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Frightened foxes being ripped to shreds by packs of frenzied dogs: this is what Lord Mancroft and Prime Minister Theresa May would like to see return to Britain.

League Against Cruel Sports

A leaked e-mail from hereditary peer Lord Mancroft this week revealed his attempted “mobilisation” of tactical voting to bring back fox hunting, an extremely cruel blood sport. Following the leak, May confirmed, while speaking to an audience in Yorkshire yesterday, that she intends to give MPs a free vote on whether or not to repeal the Hunting Act, stating, “As it happens, personally, I have always been in favour of foxhunting and we maintain our commitment. We had a commitment previously as a Conservative party to allow a free vote [that would allow] parliament the opportunity to take a decision on this”.

In the 12 years since the Hunting Act came into force, the British public’s views on blood sports have not changed: 84 per cent of us still find the idea of terrified foxes being torn apart by packs of hounds deeply offensive. May’s intention to exploit the unbalanced political picture in Britain in order to subvert the wishes of the majority for the sick (and sickening) amusement of a minority who enjoy terrorising and killing animals is blatant opportunism – and we must not stand for it.

Foxes are canines with the very same capacity to feel pain and suffer as the dogs many of us share our homes with and consider a part of our families. If groups of humans hunted dogs or cats for fun, we wouldn’t call it a sport – we would call it abuse. And that’s exactly what it is when the same is done to foxes. From the terrifying chase that can cause them to rupture organs when fleeing the hounds to the moment they’re surrounded, petrified and exhausted, by dogs and then ripped apart, every minute of the hunt involves cruelty to animals.

Compassionate Brits have spoken up before when the ban was under threat. Two years ago, hundreds of people gathered outside Parliament in protest against the government’s attempt to bring back fox hunting, after which it quickly backpedalled and cancelled the planned vote. Today, foxes need us to come together to protect them once again.

Fight to Keep Bans on Fox Hunting, Hare Coursing, and Stag Hunting With Dogs

Common decency says that we should protect the most vulnerable and helpless, not destroy them – and much less derive “pleasure” from doing so. We must not allow the compassionless bullies who enjoy the bloody “pastime” of terrorising and killing animals to reverse the moral evolution of our country.

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