Fur Is Dead! 95 Per Cent of London Fashion Week Designers Are Fur-Free

Posted by on February 15, 2018 | Permalink

In the run-up to London Fashion Week, PETA has conducted a poll of every single designer who’ll have a show or presentation at the event, and the results are in: 95 per cent – including Burberry, Roland Mouret, and Mulberry – won’t be using fur in their autumn/winter 2018 collections.

Fur farming has been illegal in the UK for nearly two decades because of the cruelty inherent in the industry, but fur continues to be imported from overseas. On fur farms in Europe, in China, and elsewhere, animals are crammed into tiny wire cages, where they’re denied the opportunity to do anything that’s natural or important to them, such as raising young, roaming, or playing. The stress of this extreme confinement causes many to go insane and mutilate themselves. Finally, they’re killed by gassing, electrocution, or drowning.

That 95 per cent of London Fashion Week designers are in good company, as more and more brands around the world are rejecting cruelly obtained fur. Among the most recent to announce a switch to more ethical and sustainable alternatives are Gucci and Michael Kors.

What You Can Do

As long as the UK continues to import fur from abroad, it’ll still be supporting this cruel industry. Please sign our #FurFreeBritain petition urging the government to introduce an import ban on all real fur.