Gabriel Byrne: Hare Coursing ‘Should Have No Place in Modern Ireland’

Posted by on June 30, 2016 | Permalink

With Dáil Éireann expected to vote later today on a Private Members’ Bill to ban hare coursing, legendary actor and director Gabriel Byrne has sent an urgent letter to Irish TDs calling on them to support the bid put forward by Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan.

In the letter, sent on behalf of PETA and Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), The Usual Suspects actor wrote the following:

It’s hard to imagine anything more barbaric than this so-called “sport”. … [F]rom the terrifying chase, during which hares have been known to rupture internal organs fleeing the hounds, to the moment the petrified and exhausted animals are surrounded … every minute of hare coursing reflects the hard-heartedness of the participants.

It’s been 23 years since the issue of banning hare coursing came before politicians in the Dáil, and since that time, countries around the world have taken decisive action to prohibit this blood sport. Ireland is now one of only three European countries in which hare coursing is still legal.

As Gabriel concludes in his letter, “Coursing is an atrocity that should have no place in modern Ireland, which is why it should be banned”.

Take Action

If you live in Ireland, please contact your local TD and ask him or her to support the Private Members’ Bill to ban hare coursing. You can find contact details for your elected representatives here.